[EN] Privacy and Security

Our Commitment to Privacy and Security Always Comes First!

Before getting to know Dadosfera better, understand that our primary commitment is to the security of your data. With years of experience in the Data & AI market, we always apply enterprise-grade practices in security and privacy, in sectors with strong concerns in this regard: from the financial market to heavy industry. Partners like Banco Inter, WEG, Vallourec, Unimed, among other renowned organizations, have trusted and continue to trust Dadosfera to build AI solutions that integrate value and time-to-market, while maintaining essential guardrails for the security and privacy of their data and their customers.

World-Class Technology in Security and Privacy

Security and compliance in data processing are priorities of our platform, as well as accessibility and availability. These pillars add an extra layer of security, essential to any data product. Encircled by our background as AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, specialists in Data, we determine the application of validated and recognized techniques to always ensure information security.

We guarantee the effectiveness of the solutions implemented, adopting the most reliable tools and platforms in the world when it comes to Cloud Computing, like the AWS Well-Architected Framework:


Platform Security Measures

Even though we are subject to various threats, several measures have already been implemented:

  • Use of a Vault for Credentials and Sensitive Files;
  • End-to-End Encryption of Data in Transit and at Rest;
  • Individual Access Controlled by Random Tokens;
  • VPN Configuration for Secure Access.

Other planned measures include automatic identification of sensitive data, user groups to control permissions at various levels, protection against DDoS attacks. The impact of these and other security measures on business prevent common threats like code injection to illicitly obtain data and ransomware attacks.

Security and Privacy Compliance Roadmap

From "Day 1", we have invested in the adoption and subsequent certification of audit and compliance most adopted in the market. Here is our updated roadmap:


Ongoing Certifications:


ISO 27001

AWS Partner


SOC 2 Type II
ISO 27701

Reporting Security Concerns

If you have identified a potential vulnerability or have any concerns about the security of our platform, do not hesitate to contact our Data Protection Office at [email protected].