[EN] About us

Dadosfera is a Data, AI, and Analytics Platform focused on business. Through Data Intelligence, we support organizations to find their next and best future version today. For this, our product uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver value to our customers in an accelerated time (time to market) and without worrying about the maintenance, support, optimization, and evolution of the entire digital infrastructure behind the Dadosfera.

The Data Platform integrates Collection, Processing, Exploration, and Analysis stages, the entire journey supported by access management that promotes the governance of your organization's data and delivers business data apps, all without the need for a specialized data team.

IntegrationLoad data into the Platform by creating a pipeline or importing static files.
ProcessingTransform and consolidate to deliver the right data to your team
ExplorationExplore your organization's Data Assets
AnalyticsCreate visualizations, apply intelligence visually and intuitively, and embed your analysis.
ML/AIBuild Machine Learning models and Gen AI to delivery advanced analytics to your users
Identity and Access ManagementPerform data governance and define the accesses that each team member must have.
Data AppsTurn data into ready-to-use apps for your business team

With Dadosfera, it is possible to increase processing performance, minimize the workload of employees, reduce dependence on the number and seniority of data specialists, create a single source of truth, integrate systems and databases, and, finally, provide unlimited insights through reports and dashboards.

The main pillar of Dadosfera is Privacy and Security. We believe that the democratization of data is directly linked to governance. Organizations need to provide access to information considering the secrecy and competence of each data asset. Furthermore, the true data-driven change will occur by providing access to the Datasphere for all employees, not just the data and/or IT teams, based on criteria and need. Welcome to the Dadosphere!