[EN] Dadosfera Availability

Continuous and consistent availability of our data platform is a fundamental priority to ensure that our users can access and manipulate their data at any time. Our commitment is to maintain 99% Availability for critical operations, reflecting our dedication to reliability and exceptional performance.

FunctionalityAvailability (%)Downtime per Year (hours)Downtime per Month (hours)
Data Collection99%87.67.3
Data Querying99%87.67.3
Data Visualization98%175.214.6
Intelligence and Processing98%175.214.6

This high level of availability is achieved through robust infrastructure, resilient engineering practices, and a proactive redundancy model. We implement high-availability solutions across all critical components of the platform to minimize potential disruptions. Our team monitors system health to identify and quickly resolve any issues that may impact our performance.

We are also committed to transparency. In the event of any disruption, we provide clear communications to keep everyone informed about the current status and the measures being taken to restore the service.

If you have any questions about our general availability, do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected]