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Privacy and Security

Dadosfera takes Privacy and Security seriously. We understand that the data you analyze using Dadosfera is important to your organization and is subject to various privacy laws and regulations. To help you understand how Dadosfera fits into the regulatory frameworks that may apply to you, we have prepared some frequently asked questions about Privacy and Security.

What is the General Personal Data Protection Law (LGPD)? The General Personal Data Protection Law (Law 13.709/2018) deals with the processing of personal data, bringing rights and duties to companies and personal data holders.
What role does Dadosfera play in the processing of personal data entered into the Platform by the Customer? As far as the customer enters personal data in Dadosfera through the creation of pipelines, by collecting, storing, and processing these data, Dadosfera acts as a Data Operator, which, according to the LGPD, processes personal data on behalf of the controller, that is, the Dadosfera client itself.
How does Dadosfera ensure the security of my data? The security of our clients' data is one of the main priorities of Dadosfera. Dadosfera offers to its clients security mechanisms such as user authentication and data encryption. The LGPD stipulates that both controllers and operators must adopt security measures, technical and administrative, capable of protecting personal data. Dadosfera, as a personal data operator, offers the following mechanisms:
  • Data Anonymization: Occurs at the column level of the data, where parts of a data sequence are replaced by asterisks or masking characters to prevent identification.

  • Access Control and Internal Protocols: Involves measures such as maintaining access logs and limiting who has access to which modules of the Platform, in addition to developing a data security by design culture.

  • Secure Data Storage: This ensures that the environment containing the data is protected against corruption, damage, and unauthorized access.

  • Use of a Credentials Vault: Through it, access to tokens, passwords, certificates, and keys are protected.

  • End-to-End Encryption of Data in Transit and at Rest: Ensures that data is encrypted even when not in use during an ELT process or other platform activity.

  • SSL/TLS Encryption: Encrypted protocols that offer users secure communication when accessing the virtual environment. Check which connectors have this option in the collection documentation.

Do Dadosfera employees have access to client's production systems? Dadosfera employees do not have access to the data. Access to the client's account can occur under very specific circumstances, only temporarily and with explicit authorization from the client.
Where is the server located that hosts Dadosfera client data? Dadosfera uses the services of AWS (Amazon Web Services) to store its clients' data. AWS offers robust compliance structure and security standards that meet our clients' needs, and currently, the data is hosted in North Virginia - US East (N. Virginia) - region: us-east-1.
I am having problems with my access to the Platform. What can I do? Simply contact Support.
I accidentally deleted data I was using on Dadosfera. How can I recover them? The data that you transfer via Pipeline on the Platform can be synchronized in your Dadosfera account from the source database connected to the Platform. Dadosfera allows you to synchronize your pipeline and set the frequency at which your source base data will be updated. We offer some options:

Full load: When performing a new synchronization, the data from your source base will be collected again in full.
Incremental: When performing a new synchronization, only new data from your source base that did not exist at the time of the previous synchronization will be collected.

  • In the case of pipeline deletion, simply create it again.
  • In the case of data deletion at the source, deletion of data within the Platform will only be carried out if the collection occurs in full load. Deletion of old records in incremental collection is not updated in Dadosfera.
Does Dadosfera offer a single-tenant deployment? Dadosfera offers the possibility to deploy an infrastructure exclusively for you. In this way, all services will be run in a separate VPC dedicated to you and completely isolated from others. Contact us through the commercial team.
How can I obtain more information about Dadosfera's security? If you still have doubts about Dadosfera's security, send an email to [email protected]



What is considered an event within Dadosfera? Any API call, Table Line, Database Display Line, or CSV Line that results in a line within a dataset in the Dadosfera Data Catalog.
  • Example 1: If you have 1 Pipeline importing a CSV with 1,000 lines, being updated once a day, at the end of 1 month (approximately 30 calendar days), you will be charged for 30x1,000 = 30,000 events.

  • Example 2: If you have 1 Pipeline requesting our API 1,000 times, every 01h, sending 300 events per pipeline execution, at the end of 1 month (approximately 30 calendar days), you will be charged for 1000x24x30x300 = 216,000,000 events.

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